Vocabulary A-Z Provides 16,000+ Words to Choose From

Digitally Delivered Word Lists and Lessons for K-6 Students


Vocabulary A-Z is the ideal resource for teachers looking to quickly gather and create vocabulary lessons. The product offers a number of different options, including customized and pre-made lessons based on a set of selected words.

Online Vocabulary Database

Create custom word lists with more than 16,000 words to choose from categorized either by function of language or content type.

Pre-Made Lessons

Quickly access and download hundreds of pre-made lessons to support Reading A-Z leveled readers, Science A-Z academic units, and various basal series.

5-Day Lesson Plans

Generate customized 5-day lessons based on research-based best practices that teach words based on context and meaning — not memorization.

Cumulative Assessments
Deliver printable vocabulary assessments that test for student understanding and ability to apply words in speech and writing.

Common Core Academic Word Lists
Implement the teaching of general academic vocabulary that correlates to one of the 3 tiers of CCSS academic vocabulary.

Vocabulary A-Z Custom Word Database for Word Lists and Lessons

Vocabulary A-Z is best-known for its database of more than 16,000 words organized by part of speech or content area categories. With Vocabulary A-Z, teachers have the ability to create their own custom vocabulary lessons or select words from hundreds of special word lists.
Custom Word Lists
For teachers looking to create their own custom word lists and lessons, Vocabulary A-Z offers thousands of words to choose from categorized by their function of language, content type, and level of difficulty.
Special Word Lists
Teachers also have the ability to select their words from a series of special pre-made word lists. These pre-made lists include many of the vocabulary words frequently taught in K-6 classrooms. Lists include CCSS Academic Vocabulary, Dolch Sight Words, High-Frequency Words, and more.


Based on well-established vocabulary research, Vocabulary A-Z’s 5-day lesson plans are designed to teach words based on context and meaning. Throughout the week, Vocabulary A-Z lessons provide the staggered strategies students need to learn and retain vocabulary words each week.

Day 1: Introduce Target Vocabulary in Context

Day 2: Use Vocabulary in Context and Reinforce Meaning

Day 3: Introduce and Apply Word-Attack Skills

Day 4: Review and Apply Words

Day 5: Assess

Pre-Made Lessons

If time is a factor, teachers may choose to select one of Vocabulary A-Z’s hundreds of pre-made lessons. Each lesson’s word list has been carefully selected, and the resulting lesson further correlates to other Learning A-Z product offerings or various basal series.