Science A-Z Puts Science in Every Student’s Hands

Multilevel Books and Science Experiments for K-6 Students


Science A-Z delivers a vast array of K-6 resources that teachers need to offer effective, differentiated science instruction in the classroom and at home. Features include an extensive collection of printable and projectable books that blend science and literacy, engaging science activities and experiments that develop scientific and engineering practices, and additional materials to further expand students’ understanding and content knowledge.

Instructional Units
Provide a customizable collection of lessons and multilevel reading materials offered at 3 grade spans across 4 scientific domains: Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Process Science.
Nonfiction Books
Address core concepts and provide details that support unit instruction at 3 reading levels — low, mid, and high — within each grade span: K-2, 3-4, and 5-6.
Process Activities
Provide hands-on practice with unit concepts through kid-friendly science experiments and engaging activities.

Help students focus more deeply on various high-interest topics related to each instructional unit, and connect to a crosscutting science concept.
Engaging eLearning Resources
Improve the school-to-home connection with engaging eBooks and eResources students access in computer-based and mobile formats anytime, anywhere.
Quick Reads
Encourage critical thinking and reading practice with short, magazine-like articles with optional discussion, writing, and homework activities.

Science Fair Resources
Offer comprehensive classroom support for K-6 science fair projects, including project ideas, teacher guides, a student guide, and a scoring rubric.
Science in the News
Allows students to explore the ever-changing world of science with engaging, newsworthy current events articles offered at 3 reading levels.

Science A-Z Multilevel K-6 Reading Resources


Science A-Z provides a wealth of developmentally appropriate content that teaches literacy skills, science content, and the processes of science. With thousands of multilevel books and additional materials offered across 3 grade spans, K-6 teachers can easily differentiate instruction, get kids excited about science, and satisfy both science and ELA curriculum standards simultaneously for greater instructional efficiency.

Supplemental Activity Sheets and Lesson Extensions
Science A-Z’s unit resources provide a wealth of materials that can be used to expand science literacy. A variety of projects and activity sheets encourage students to think critically about the content they have just read, while cross-curricular lesson extensions allow teachers to go deeper and expand student understanding in meaningful ways.
Printable, Projectable, Online, and Mobile Formats
Science A-Z content is available in printable, projectable, online, and mobile formats, providing a flexible learning environment that encourages creativity and customization. Resources can be used for one-to-one, small-group, and whole-class instruction.