Headsprout is an award-winning reading program known for its effectiveness and engaging eLearning environment. The product’s flexible instruction allows students to begin the program at the developmentally appropriate level and then further hone their reading skills through an adaptive instructional path.

Early Reading Development
Provides students just beginning to read with engaging instruction that teaches them critical fundamentals, including phonological awareness and phonics, fluency, and more…
Reading Comprehension Instruction
Teaches more established readers important skills and strategies necessary for comprehending texts and demonstrating comprehension on standardized tests.
Adaptive Educational Sequencing
Automatically adapts instruction in context to deliver the appropriate reading instruction each student needs to improve his or her reading skills.

Automated Reporting
Informs future instruction with digitally delivered reports and insights that track individual student and class-wide progress through the program.
Vocabulary Building Engine
Teaches students up to 4 new vocabulary words in less than 5 minutes of online instruction.
Smart Error Correction
Multiple levels of embedded error correction ensure complete retention before students move on and encourage them to learn from past mistakes.

Benchmark Assessments
Confirm students are able to transfer acquired reading skills in a classroom environment with a collection of triggered, teacher-administered assessments.
Kid-Friendly eLearning Environment
Provides easy access to differentiated reading instruction through the Kids A-Z eLearning portal and Kids A-Z mobile app.

Headsprout’s scientifically validated early reading instruction helps students learn critical skills that align with National Reading Panel objectives of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Students learn through direct experience throughout the sequence that letters make sounds, sounds combine to make words, words combine to make sentences, and sentences combine to make stories.

Proven Results

The Headsprout early reading sequence has proven to take nonreaders or beginning readers up to mid-second-grade reading skills in less than 30 hours of individualized instruction. Throughout the early reading sequence, students learn up to 5,000 new vocabulary words. The nationally recognized Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) stated that Headsprout was built on scientific foundations and provides abundant instruction for early readers.

Headsprout’s early reading sequence can be used in a variety of ways to help students acquire the reading fundamentals necessary to become successful readers.

Helps students develop important reading skills in the early grades

Develops the core skills students need to move on to more complex reading skills

Shown to be an effective tool for helping students who have fallen behind

Headsprout Adaptive Reading Comprehension Instruction


Headsprout’s research-proven reading comprehension instruction develops students’ comprehension and close reading skills. Throughout the sequence, students gradually learn key comprehension skills such as finding facts, making inferences, identifying main ideas, and learning vocabulary in context.

Proven Results

Headsprout’s reading comprehension sequence has proven to help students comprehend and think critically about text, and succeed on end-of-year standardized assessments. In 1 classroom study, students using the reading comprehension sequence were found to make more than 7 times the reading gains compared to their peers not using the program.


Headsprout’s reading comprehension sequence can be used in a variety of ways to help students develop the comprehension and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in most areas of study and on standardized assessments.

Helps students learn important comprehension strategies necessary for long-term success.

Helps students learn important comprehension strategies necessary for long-term success.

Quickly teaches comprehension skills to students who have fallen behind their peers.