About Us

"Edu-tainment" (Education through Entertainment)


Lit Skills works to develop a suite of online educational resources for parents and teachers to successfully reach every student in the classroom and at home. Our goal is to provide the effective, affordable, easy-to-use tools educators require to meet the needs of today’s diverse student population.

We understand the importance of keeping students engaged and thinking creatively. At Lit Skills we are constantly working on new ways to get students plugged into learning. We see the passion teachers bring to the classroom, and we try to exemplify that passion in the resources we provide to help them do their job.

Lit Skills seeks to ignite potential through a range of World Class educational offerings and services that cater to diverse needs. Lit Skills has evolved a very unique “Edu-tainment” (Education through Entertainment) model to help perfect education In-class and after class hours.

It focuses on enrichment of the top of the pyramid and remediation of the bottom of the pyramid students globally.

Lit skills also works towards imparting the less tangible traits, as we may call them : Soft skills, noncognitive skills, employability skills, character, social and emotional learning, 21st Century learning, and more. Each of these addresses similar and overlapping sets of strengths. These characteristics go a long way in supporting success in nearly any field, yet they are generally learned on the job or around the dinner table rather than in the classroom. At Lit Skills we focus on providing proper guidance and classroom activities to reinforce the importance of these skills and enable students to practice behaviors sought by employers.